In owner Amanda Falocco's late teens, her father was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer. For three years he battled this woman dominated disease, constantly in & out of radiation. God opened the doors for him in 2006, and although she didn’t know the true healing power of food, allowing it to be our medicine, she knows it fully now.

Having gone to the College of Southern Nevada to study culinary arts and taking on herself the Paleo/Keto lifestyle she was constantly coming up with recipes that recreated comfort classics. She's made meals that eliminate preservatives, excessive portion sizes, & filler carbs. Instead, offering meals that are from sustainable ingredients that our bodies have lived off of since ancient times.

We all live busy lifestyles and with being constantly on the go it’s easy to neglect our food choices. Let us do the cooking for you, so you can eat healthy and feel great!

If our meals, our vision, can help those that are struggling with weight loss or battling a disease, our passion is complete.