I've placed my order... now what?

Sit back, relax and we'll cook! 

You'll receive a text on Friday between 2 & 4pm PST with your scheduled delivery time for Sunday

What if I won't be home during the delivery time?

We understand things come up. We suggest leaving a cooler out with enough ice and we will leave the meals in there.

Do you deliver outside of Las Vegas, NV?

Unfortunately no. We are a local business and only deliver to Clark & Henderson County.

We are trying to accommodate certain zip codes. If you see a delivery option specific to your zip code, please select it. If will be an additional delivery charge.

Can we pick up our order?

At this time we are only set up to do delivers. Once it changes, we will let you know!

Is the delivery fee a flat rate?

Yes, all deliveries whether you are located in Clark or Henderson County is $5.00.

Unless otherwise specified pertaining to a specific delivery code. 

Is all you offer the meal plan? How many meals will we receive in the meal plan?

Yes, at this time we can only offer the meal plan. There will be 5 meals in the plan, you will receive 2 of each meal. (10 meals total)

10 meals, that's a lot! Can we freeze them?

Yes! See packaging for thawing and reheating instructions.

Will we be able to have deviations from those meals?

Other than the "Make it Keto" and/or "Make it Paleo" options, no there will be no deviations offered

What is the Paleo Lifestyle?

The Paleo lifestyle is based on the types of food presumed to have been eaten by early humans, consisting of meat, fish, vegetables, & fruit; excluding dairy, grain products, & legumes.

What can you eat?

Animal protein, fish/seafood, fresh fruit/veggies, eggs, nuts/seeds, healthy oils, grass fed fats, root/nut flours (in moderation)